Velocity Rail Solutions is the largest provider of direct-to-locomotive fueling services in the United States, serving Class 1 railroads across the United States. We strive to provide services that meet your expectations while helping you achieve your goals through reliability and performance every day.

Fueling Services


Direct to Locomotive (DTL) Fueling

  • Transport by truck diesel fuel from commercial refinery’s, terminals and customer bulk storage tanks directly into locomotives at dispatched locations and to required locations.
  • Dispense fuel from truck to locomotives utilizing specially equipped trucks that meet the customer requirements for safe and spill-free fueling of locomotives.
  • Data management utilizing Velocity proprietary Eagle Eye on-board technology that records what, where, when and how much for each fueling event.

Direct to Storage (DTS) Distribution

  • Transportation of diesel fuel by truck from commercial refinery’s and terminals to customer bulk storage tanks.
  • Transferring of the diesel fuel from transport unit to the customers bulk storage tank.
  • Monitor customer tank levels and ensure required levels are maintained.

Other Fueling Services

  • Like the DTL services Velocity also provides fueling for other rail equipment such as intermodal cranes, hostler trucks, reefer containers and Maintenance-of-Away equipment.
  • Transfer of fuel from Rail Tank cars to trucks.

Locomotive Mechanical Services

  • Locomotive crew cab cleaning including toilet service including waste evacuation
  • Check locomotive water, oil and sand levels and replenish as needed
  • Replenish crew packs, water and remove trash
  • Daily Locomotive inspection (Blue Card)
  • Railcar Repair
  • Air Brake, Distributed Power and Load Testing
  • Locomotive light repair including brake shoe replacement

Locomotive Operation

  • Locomotive switching and piloting
  • Train handling & railcar unloading

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